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Your support would mean a lot to us and our members. It would mean MORE waste pickers and waste workers around the world will become capacitated to implement sustainable Zero Waste models, millions of plastic wastes will be prevented from leaking to the environment, more organic wastes and food wastes will be composted, and thousands and more households will be educated to practice waste segregation.

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Here, we would like to show you the different ways you can SUPPORT us and promote Zero Waste in different places around the world. Together, we can do more – and make it easier for cities and communities to transition to Zero Waste. Our partnership starts with these 3 easy steps: (1) Choose the project that is most relevant to you! (2) Make a donation, OR (3) Hit the “learn more” button and we will get back to you with more details.

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Thank you for heeding the call to work towards a sustainable Zero Waste world. Should you need further information about a specific project on our Program Menu, or you want to schedule a meeting with us, just fill out the form below.