Project Code: ZW-202104

CLICK: Mainstreaming Zero Waste advocacy in e-commerce

National Capital Region, Philippines


Ecowaste Coalition

Target Outcomes

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven the exponential increase of online purchases of Filipinos. This million purchases every month also mean million tons of plastic wastes that add up to the existing burdens in managing and reducing plastic wastes in the country. EcoWaste coalition would like to transform the e-commerce landscape, imagining an alternative online platform mainstreaming sustainable Zero Waste practices and principles that promotes no-plastic packaging products. The Coalition believes that this can change the e-commerce arena and influence manufacturers, active online sellers, and millions of customers toward transforming the current practice into delivering a safe, affordable, and environment friendly online market.

  1. Mainstream sustainable and ecological products, instill Zero Waste principles and plastic-free packaging with reverse logistics and other schemes, for product returns.
  2. Divert 600,000 tons of plastic waste.
  3. Partner with, and provide incentives to developers, makers, distributors, resellers, and customers of alternatives to single-use plastic.
  4. Influence and make change happen by shaping business enterprises such as e-commerce to social commerce.

Major Activities

  1. Feasibility Study
  2. Mapping of target sellers and customers
  3.  Application development, licensing and permits
  4. Marketing and recruitment

Project Cost

USD 100,000

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