Project Code: ZW-202102

Increasing people’s participation in Zero Waste Project Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, India



Target Outcomes

This project will enhance the meaningful participation and roles of various stakeholders in the implementation of the Zero Waste Road Map of the city of Ahmedabad. The project envisions that with the integration of the waste pickers and the active engagement of youth and the community, the city can become a new flagship city for Zero Waste by 2031 harnessing its benefits to the environment and the community. 

Specifically, the project aims to:

  1. Act as a link centre – common platform for stakeholders (Citizens, Waste workers, Municipal corporation, Waste recyclers) to share their concerns, suggestions, and actions
  2. Create spaces in each zone (community) as model sites having sustainable waste management systems in place 
  3. Educating citizens – demonstration spaces will involve learning activities encouraging people to adopt sustainable lifestyles including waste segregation at source.
  4. To empower waste workers so they can negotiate with authority/recyclers to get better recognition and rewards

Major Activities

Strategy 1: Establishment of Zero Waste model sites / spaces:

  • 7 educational institutes
  • 7 public spaces
  • 7 residential colonies
  • 7 business complexes

Strategy 2: Awareness & Education

  • Information, Education, and Communication campaign targeting the public / general citizens
  • Capacity-building for young leaders (Green catalyst volunteers) 

Strategy 3: Advocacy 

  • Monitoring for the strict implementation of the waste management policy
  • Promotion of transparency and accountability in the implementation of the ZW roadmap
  • Network-building

Project Cost

USD 28,000.00

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