Project Code: ZW-202101

Clean My Transport Terminal

Dhulagarh, Howrah District, West Bengal, India


Direct Initiative for Social and Health Action (DISHA)

Target Outcomes

This bustling transportation terminal in Dhulagarh, Howrah District, West Bengal does not just sit as a stopover for thousands of travelers and traders on a daily basis, without proper waste management system, the terminal can become a dumping ground threatening communities and the environment around it – aggravating the contribution of the transportation industry to the issue of climate change. 

DISHA together with the dedicated waste pickers in the area were able to introduce a much more sustainable way of managing the waste generated in the terminal anchored in the Zero Waste principles. Your support will help the waste pickers to: 

  1. Sustain the Zero Waste program in the Dhulagarh, Howrah District in West Bengal and scale the project to other terminals, public markets, and communities.
  2. Increase reuse, recovery, and recycling of waste thereby preventing leakage of plastics to the environment especially to the water bodies near the terminal.
  3. Achieve demonstrated positive behavioral change on Zero Waste practices of communities and people using and accessing the terminal.

Major Activities

  1. Awareness-raising on waste reduction and disposal – With Transport Terminal Authorities, Nearby Local Government bodies, Schools and Truck Drivers, Shopkeepers in the Terminal
  2. Promotion of the Zero Waste system with special focus on recycling and reuse – Employ additional staff members to collect and segregate more waste, construct another composting pit, make better infrastructure for storage of wet waste, take up greening of the terminal using fertilizer from the compost pit.
  3. Mainstreaming of Zero Waste to other communities – Establishing the Dhulagarh project as a model waste management for other vegetable market complexes, truck terminals, and communities to follow and adopt. Major activities for this include: capacity-building for waste pickers, awareness programs for transport workers and nearby communities, waste collection and segregation, and organic management and community gardening.
  4. Building of a community toilet – Build, maintain a toilet facility for the local community, involve waste picker community to run the facility on a social entrepreneurship model.

Project Cost

USD 27,628

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