Project Code: ZW-202105

Go Zero Waste App

Chennai, India


Citizen consumer and civic Action Group (CAG)

Target Outcomes

The roadmap to Zero Waste includes promotion of sustainable social enterprises and transformative businesses that promote alternative delivery systems and packaging. There is an emerging market that demands for a better product packaging aligned with Zero Waste and the circular economy principles. CAG would like to facilitate the reemergence of the Zero Waste economy by developing an information-driven approach bringing sustainable businesses to consumers. 

CAG will develop a database of businesses offering products and services with online and mobile applications. The service will include a wide array of shops (searchable by name, location, and related categories), accessibility of maps, and other helpful transaction information. 

The application aims to be a game-changer in consumer education and support for Zero Waste and circular economy.

Major Activities

  • Data-collection; database production and management
  • Application development and promotion
  • Updating and monitoring

Project Cost

USD 20,000 (Y1)

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