Project Code: COMS-202102

Waste pickers as everyday heroes!

Hue, Vietnam


Centre For Social Research and Development – CSRD

Target Outcomes

Waste pickers and their families face greater hardships and challenges despite being an important part of the city’s solid waste management ecosystem. Often, their efforts are not recognized by the community and the local government. This communication campaign aims to change people’s appreciation and attitudes toward waste picking and informal waste pickers in Hue City. The campaign will highlight their contribution in various development efforts including biodiversity conservation, climate change, and economic development. The campaign also aims to highlight the role of women informal waste in the Zero Waste advocacy. The campaign will utilize various social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and Tiktok to be able to reach a wider audience.

Major Activities

  • Consultation with the waste pickers to be featured in the video productions and other communication materials.
  • Video production and content development
  • Campaign launch in various social media platforms
  • Intensified promotion with partner institutions and other civil society groups
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Project Cost

USD 1,000

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